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Our Story

Everything changed on that day. And at the same time nothing changed.  We were still a band, with dreams, brotherhood and visions.  And a mission. A band started in 2003 by a bunch of friends in the remote village of Sunderbyn in north Sweden.  A band who had recorded 4 full length albums, built a solid fan base(of very dedicated fans, Thank You!), been gold awarded and played numerous live shows. A band built by childhood friends, who became lifelong friends but now one was gone.

On the 14th of December in 2017 Skaburbian singer and guitarist Kribbe was found dead.

Skaburbian was shattered but not broken. “We were a band with Kribbe and we are a band after that. We immediately decided that this will not stop us. We can’t quit, it’s not in the Skaburbian DNA to quit, we’re on  a mission. We simply can’t imagine life without music.

Skaburbian is releasing their sixth full length album ”This is Reggae Rock” Nov 3rd 2023. Recorded, produced and mixed by Skaburbian in Kalenlo Studios, Luleå Sweden.