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Nordic Reggae Rock, since 2003.

”This music just got to my heart and is still taking a shortcut. Dance that’s been creating lifelong friendship. Skaburbian Collective will always be a part of who I am.
When I’m there on the dancefloor and listening to their words, their vibes, sound and loving joy of creating music it makes me feel immortal and like I’m flying. You have found your way straight in, in to my heart.
Thank you.
I become one with the music, the words sinks in deep and my body just wants to move with the flow! The vibes brings me to an warm summer night on the beach and my heart just fills up with love and leaves space for nothing else.
I don’t know what it is, but it’s fantastic! The strength I’m reunited with while listening to Skaburbian Collective, how I’m getting reminded of my own power and feeling of freedom. For that I’m forever grateful.”
– Evelin De Souza Cabrall, realistic visionary